The Royal Stewarts of Campbeltown.
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The ancient Stewart and Stuart families of  Auchingoun,Ardgowan, Argyll and Blackhall. 


(Including other Stewart/Stuart family research and yDNA information).

Stuart Coat of Arms

December 2020

Following my visit to Scotland in 2019 out line had been completed.

I met with Sir Ludovic Stewart, Lord Ardgowan and shared the newly discovered link from our family to the 13th Lord Ardgowan and a copy of his last will and testament. 






As far back as I can recall, my family and our somewhat mysterious history, have played a major role in my life. My first trip to Ardler, Scotland back in 1959, was with my father Ian Graham MacLeod-Stuart (1911-1971). It was the only time I would ever meet his sister Anne Bruce Mackenzie Stuart (1901-1979), along with my father's nurse, Ms. Bella Dargie. From that moment forward, I was "hooked" on my ancestry, and always felt that Scotland was "ma tru hame".



The search for my brothers John Graham MacLeod Stuart and Hamish Graham MacLeod Stuart was where my journey began back in 1983. Since that time, I have managed with the help of many societies, organizations, websites [see Useful Research Links at the end of the navigation bar] and some remarkable individuals, to accumulate a large amount of information, documentation, pictures and commentary, regarding our family from its early known roots in Campbeltown Argyllshire, to various countries around the globe.


 Update March 2019

Charles is heading to Glasgow and Campbeltown to meet family, friends and gravesites. Hopefully some new information from Argyll, as new documents have been located in Inveraray Castle concerning our Stewart family.


UPDATE May 2016.

Our final link to the Royal family has been located, after the discovery of a yDNA marker (ZZ52) only found in our family and that of the Stewart's of Ardgowan.  A sincere debt of gratitude to our cousin Donald Stewart who was relentless in his persuit of this final piece of the puzzle... Our Cousin Ludovic (Ludo) Shaw Stewart, Baronet, is renovating Ardgowan House and creating a distillery to produce Ardgowan Scotch... PLease follow the Ardgowan page on Facebook.

UPDATE January 2017.

It is with a heavy heart I advise you of the passing our our eldest family member and last of her generation.

Ms. Irene Shave (nee Stuart) passed away in her sleep on December 31st 2016, at the wonderful age of 103.

May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand, and return you to your beloved brothers and sisters, who have waited patiently for your return... 

UPDATE February, 2017.

Additional family have been located in Michigan! 

Cathy Larson and Charlotte Dugas have contacted me.

They are descendants of Robert Stewart (see Michigan Stewart picture below). Welcome cousins!!


UPDATE March 2017,

We have found a link between the Stewart's of Park and the Stewart's of Refluich!!

I have been in communication with our cousin Robin Jeffrey, of Oxford England. Robin has kindly shared his family tree with me, and the evidence speaks volumes about the two families. Cousin Donald Stewart will be in communication with Robin very soon and it would appear that Robins family link the McSporran and the Glen families of Argyll.



UPDATE May 2017, additional cousins from the Hay and Kelly families of Kintyre, who married into the Stewart's several times, have been found in England, also members of the Stewart's of Michigan, who now live on the west coast of the US.  



UPDATE August 2018.

Family has been located in New Zealand, connected directly to the High Park Stewarts. I will be adding photographs and details soon from Wendy Roberts, the great grandaughter of Andrew Stewart the engraver. 




A major breakthrough in the yDNA of the Achapharick Stewarts of Kintyre, linking them to the Stewarts of Refluich has been uncovered by our very own Donald Stewart.

Once again, we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for his relentless pursuit for all of the families.



December 2018.




Another branch of our family has been located in New Zealand. These Stewart’s descend from Andrew Stewart the “engraver”. Photographs to follow..




After so many years of searching not only for our history, but for living family, my joy is still beyond words. The continuous stream of news, has re-kindled the flame which has burned in my heart for over 44 years and gave me the incentive to begin this family website.  

The High Stewards of Scotland.
1. Walter, 1st High Steward of Scotland (d. 1177)

2. Allan, 2nd High Steward of Scotland (1140-1204)

3. Walter, 3rd High Steward of Scotland (1198-1246)

  4. Alexander, 4th High Steward of Scotland (1214-1243)*

5. James, 5th High Steward of Scotland (1243-1309)

6. Walter, 6th High Steward of Scotland (1296-1327

he married Marjorie Bruce, only daughter of King Robert de Brus (Bruce) 

Scottish Monarchs
 King Robert II (1371-1390)
Robert III had two illegitimate sons, prior to his marraige to Annabella Drummond... 
Sir John Stewart 1st Ardgowan and half brother to King James I 
 (This is our connection to the Royal Stuarts and where our branch breaks away from the main line.)
King James I (1406-1437)

 King James II (1437-1460)

King James III of Scotland (1451-1488) and Margaret of Denmark (1456-1486)
King James IV of Scotland (1473-1513) and Margaret Tudor (1489-1541) the sister of King Henry VIII
(Margaret Tudor was the grandmother of both Mary Stuart and Henry Stuart Lord Darnley)
King James V of Scotland (1512-1542) and Mary of Guise (1515-1560)
Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots  (1542-1587) and her cousin and second husband, Henry Stuart - Lord Darnley (1545-1567).

Their only son was:


King James Stuart VI of Scotland and I of England (1566-1625)

Based on the earlier evidence of our STEWART/STUART family yDNA, we had matched with four (4) living descendants of King Charles II (grandson of King James Stuart VI of Scotland and I of England shown above) thus confirming our connection to the early Stewart lineage.



Written and edited by: Charles G MacLeod Stuart.

Some of our Stewart/Stuart family photographs and portraits.

Major General. David Stewart of Garth. 1772-1829

Lt. Robert Thompson Stuart 1789-1870

Archibald Stewart 1792-1851

Captain Archibald Stewart 1794-1881

John Stewart b. 1823-1883

Sept 2010. The missing information for the above is discovered!

Lachlan Stewart 1830-1886

James Ewell Brown Stuart 1833-1864

Joanna Stuart (nee MacLeod) 1838-1894

John Stewart 1852-1938 in his Masonic apron

Samuel Lachlan Stewart b.1860

Mary Amelia Gatter (nee Stewart) 1864-

John Blair Stewart. 1866-1935

Rev. Cpt. Archibald Graham Stuart 1866-1936

Laura Bruce Stuart with her children: Anne Mackenzie Stuart and Ian MacLeod Stuart c. 1913

Donald Stewart b. 1869 Skipton, Australia.

John Stuart 1870-1939 and his daughter Mary Marvin Stuart 1905-1924

Sheila Morley (nee MacLeod Stuart) 1907-2000

Ian G. MacLeod Stuart 1911-1971

John Alexander Stuart 1939

Robert Stewart and Family . Michigan USA

David Stuart and Family. Ohio, USA

Hiram Stewart and Family. Alabama, USA

Jessie, Margaret, Samuel, Charles, Thomas, Ann and Mary Stewart.. New York, early 1875.

Lachlan Stewart and children. New York, USA

William Stewart at age 80. b. Campbeltown, Argyll 1814 d. Cache, Utah 1895



This site is dedicated to many members of our family, who lost their lives under tragic circumstances.




Frances Margaret Stuart (1957-1989) who is pictured here, the sister of Barbara Maud and daughter of John Alexander Stuart 1918-1981 and Joyce Florence 1925-.

Frances was taken from us at 32 years of age in a car accident, while driving near Lagos, Nigeria on February 6th, 1989. Frances was working for the VSO on a two year mission at the time.


My grandson, George Eric MacLeod Stuart (2010-2010) pictured above.

George was born on January 8th 2010 and died on April 11th, 2010. He lived for only 93 days before being taken from us. His cause of death has been listed as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

"A beautiful ray of sunshine came into our lives for just a brief moment. That light has now gone, but has touched our hearts forever".

If you would like a relative to be remembered here, please let Charles know so they may be added to this section.

Keeping their memory alive in words and pictures, will keep them with us always.

"They will never know old age and their faces will remain forever young, when we remember them".

As this is a constant "work in progress", our children and their children must keep this record of all our families "alive" for future generations and for those who will forever ask the question:

   "What is your name"?

"Dè an t-ainm a tha oirbh"?

To which we can reply;

"We are the Stewart's of Campbeltown"!



CREST: A pelican Argent winged Or feeding its young Proper.
MOTTO: Virescit vulnere virtus
TRANSLATION: Courage grows strong at a wound
PLANT: Oak, thistle
GAELIC NAME: Stiubhard
ORIGIN OF NAME: From the High Steward of Scotland

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